Make Website Responsive & Mobile Friendly

make website responsive and mobile friendly

Make website responsive for tablets and smartphones

Get mobile friendly so everyone can see your website

Make website responsive for tablets and smartphones, to pass Google’s mobile-friendly test which has begun affecting the ranking of websites. At the same time making your website look more friendly and perform more reliably with images high quality and scalable.

Over 50% of people view websites on mobile devices – a non responsive website may be missing out on 50% of potential traffic

Why do you need a responsive website? Why your website needs to be responsive

Making a website responsive will increase the reach of your site to present correctly on tablets and mobiles. So that your website is seen by more people.

With more people viewing your website, you are likely to get increased sales and inquiries.

A responsive website will have an increased visibility in the search engines, so your website will rank higher in the search results.

By adjusting your current website to be responsive will cost less than a completely new site, saving you time and money on a new website.

What you should expect from a Package to make your existing website responsive

  • 100% Responsive Website. This means it will work perfectly on both smart phones and tablets.
  • No Changes to your current Website Design unless you ask for a change. Do you want to keep your current design yet make it response for mobiles and tablets? Elements of your design may look slightly different, because of changes needed to accommodate a better responsive display, but the design itself should not be changed unless you asked for an alteration to be made.
  • Of course if you decide to make a few updates to your website at the same time as making it responsive, this is an ideal time because the whole site will be worked on. Small changes such as integrating social media, changing the footer, changing the header etc..
  • Quick & easy Support for any of your queries. If you ask a question you should get a response within 12 hours.

Why choose us?

We are committed to all our work on websites. And delivering a responsive, mobile friendly website will greatly increase the visibility of your business website. At Afford Web Design we work with our clients, asking for their comments at stages of a website design, so we get the appearance and flavour that is your business. We are good at creating beautiful website designs that are optimised and at affordable prices. Oh….and our websites don’t just look good they also work hard for business!

For more about website design in Bury St Edmunds, contact Afford Web Design by email, or phone 01449 736602 / 07825 322693 if you prefer a chat. Initial discussions are free.

How to Make Website Mobile Friendly

How to Make Website Mobile Friendly

It is no longer an option to have a mobile friendly website, it’s a necessity! Over 50% of people now access the internet from their phones and tablets. So if you aren’t mobile friendly, your website could be missing out on half of it’s traffic!

mobile friendly website design by Afford Web Design, Bury St Edmunds

The facts about Mobile usage

Over 60% of the websites in the world websites are now viewed on mobile devices. [bctt tweet=”Over 60% of the world’s websites are now viewed on mobile devices” via=”no”]

Google is now dropping non mobile friendly websites off it’s listings. [bctt tweet=”Google is now dropping non mobile friendly websites off it’s listings” via=”no”]

Is a Mobile website the same as a Mobile Friendly Website?

[bctt tweet=”Is a Mobile website the same as a Mobile Friendly Website?” via=”no”]

In a word, No.

A mobile website is designed specifically to be viewed on mobile screens, and typically has a slightly different URL address to the parent website.

Whereas a mobile friendly website presents and is fully readable and useable on all screens. It is automatically responsive to screen size. There is no need to zoom in to navigation buttons or read the text, and the width of the website is fully visible without having to drag sideways.
how to make website mobile friendly

All of our new designs are mobile friendly websites, responsive website design as standard. Designed to automatically responding to different screen sizes whether desktop, table or phone. A mobile, responsive website is essential for success in 2017.

If you are happy with your existing website, but want it converted to be mobile friendly on portable devices, we can make website mobile friendly. The cost of making this change would depend on the framework of your existing website, some more easily changed or migrated than others. We have migrated websites created by other website designers onto WordPress framework whilst retaining the design and feel of the existing site.

Find out how well your site works across mobile and desktop devices.

Test how mobile friendly your website is on Google’s test my site.