Responsive Website Design Fits All Screens

Responsive web design means that the design adapts to fit the width of the browser window. The size of all images and text are resized or rearranged to display according to the screen size. Take the Google mobile friendly test.

Many non mobile friendly websites will show on screens, so you may think your website is OK. But the text will be small and links difficult to press and most importantly, Google will penalise your site for not being responsive. Such non responsive websites may be missing out on substantial traffic. Read the facts:

Being mobile friendly is no longer an option

People now access the internet on their smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets as well as desk top PC’s. The numbers using smartphones and tablets is expected to increase, so a responsive website is the only options for all people to see your website. More about our Website Design and WordPress Web Design.

Mobile Usage Statistics

Recent studies show that as multiple devices become part of our lives, switching between them is becoming standard practice.

More than 60% of adults use at least two devices everyday and almost one quarter use three devices.

Websites Need to Automatically Adapt!

With people constantly moving between devices, it is important for business owners to reach their audience across all platforms.

Brand experiences should be consistent, allowing for people to begin an activity on one device and finish on another.