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Traditional marketing and advertising is being overtaken by Social Media!

Social media opens up a huge marketplace where you can target your market area and market sector. You can reach new customers, retain existing customers, showcase your business and get instant feedback.

To take advantage of this Social Marketplace, websites should firstly integrate Social Media into the website design and secondly make regular postings to build their brand. With social media links on your website, your business will appear more legitimate & trustworthy. And this immediately adds to the SEO of your website. Social posts can further boost website optimisation through links that add further credibility to your website, and reference your specific target business area. 

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How Our Social Media Marketing Service Works

We Listen & Plan

We begin by learning about your business, products & competitors. And which social media channels to use. Most business owners find it difficult to find time for social posting, it’s a job that gets done last and many weeks or months may elapse between postings. So most owners ask us to take control of their social channels, so they can be assured that postings are done in the best way. Any questions posted on social media that need a more detailed response, are then referred to the business owner.

Social Platforms & Posts

Setup social platforms. Or assess any existing social media accounts, ensuring that all information is filled out correctly and focused on your business keywords.
Plan a social media strategy. We can help in sharing more content, engaging visitors and responding to questions. Posting a mix of promotional posts as well as sharing content your followers will enjoy using both your images as well as creating branded images. Everything is written to be SEO friendly.

Social Monitoring

We’ll keep check who’s talking about you, what they’re saying, what they think and responding as necessary. Or tell you if we needs your response.

Reporting & Analysis

We love data and it helps identify what is working and what is not. Types of posts, numbers of likes & shares, and clicks to your website.

Improved website traffic
Regular posts increase online visibility. Embed active social feed on website.

Keep ahead of competitors
Relevant & regular social postings to keep your business ahead, and stay ahead.

Builds marketing place
With increasing followers, you can market products & services to bigger audience.

Search Engine Optimisation
Google robots pick up social media signals. An active social feed on website can help SEO.

Social Media Channels most used by Business

– 79% of UK adults have an active Facebook account(ref Statista 2019).
Facebook is the largest social channel for business, with the largest number of users. The vast majority of businesses should be on Facebook.

– 46% of UK adults have an active Twitter account(ref Statista 2019).
Twitter is a fast moving channel. Maintaining your Twitter account with fresh content, and promptly replying to messages and comments is important.

– Google Business is important for all business types. Regular posting on Google Business are directly onto the Google network, and therefore may have a bneficial effect on seo.

– 41% of UK adults have an active Instagram account(ref Statista 2019).
Instagram is not in itself a marketing platform. It is most suited to visually based businesses. We can discuss wether Instagram would be right for your business.

– 36% of UK adults have a Pinterest account(ref Statista 2019).
Pinterest has a very large slice of the market in the USA.Like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual social channel. It tends to have a slightly older, mostly female user base, making it ideal for promoting holiday homes, travel and fashion. It is about aspirational marketing.

– 34% of UK adults have a Linkedin account. Two million UK adults have Linkedin profiles.(ref Statista 2019).
LinkedIn is a business channel, for connecting with professionals. Over 21 million people in the UK are on LinkedIn. Having complete business profile is valuable for adding business credibility. One in every three professionals in the world is on LinkedIn.

– 79% of UK adults have a YouTube account(ref Statista 2019).
Videos are more popular than ever. And people engage more with videos than written words. YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the worked, and YouTube features highly in search results.

Social Media Service
from £100pm
Presence on 2 social channels
Daily posts

Bespoke branded images

Optimised Set up of Social Channel

Minimum duration: 6 months
£50 one off set up fee per channel