Do you have a Facebook business page? A presence in one of the biggest market places


Inthe UK, over 38 million people use Facebook.
Every 20 minutes 1 million links are shared.
In 2018, Facebook has 64% of Social Media market
66% of UK people actively use Social Media.


  • Facebook is a place to build a business page to directly engage and introduce customers to products and services that make your company unique.
  • Facebook has 38 million active users in the UK.
  • With 48% of people logging into their Facebook account every single day.
  • Facebook is a free advertising platform for business and companies.
  • Many businesses now use a personalised Facebook address in their advertising, such as



A customised Facebook business page has your best business image, your business logo, your full business information, your add on boxes such as a menu box for a restaurant. Your business Facebook page should convey a similar image to that of your website. From your Facebook page you can post comments, news, new products, prices, reasons to buy from you, and respond to queries from potential buyers in a social way. We can make your Facebook Business page Bury St Edmunds.

For example, a restaurant Facebook page could post about special offers, menus, the local area and reasons to visit the area, as well as reviews from visitors, restaurants to visit, the local weather etc.. We create branded social media business pages.

Our social media services include customisation of Facebook backgrounds, images and more. It is important for your business image to be as similar on Facebook to that of your website or shop. Your business needs to ‘stand out’ from others in your sector. A standard non customised business page on Facebook could well lose out on potential interaction because it conveys the wrong image.

Call Anne on 01449 736602 to discuss your presence on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedn and more. We can make regular postings and responses on your Social media accounts with our Social Media Marketing packages starting from the Basic package at £75.


Facebook Business Page v
Facebook Personal Page

Many people set up a normal Facebook profile for their business and start collecting FRIENDS. This is against Facebook policy. A Business needs a Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Pages are used by individuals. These pages collect ‘FRIENDS’.

Facebook Business Pages are for Businesses, Community and Celebrities. These pages collect ‘LIKES’.

Setting up a proper Facebook business page is quick and easy. Do it yourself or let us optimise all the settings for a faster start on social media.