Website Maintenance

Maintainyour website to keep it secure and your data safe.

Need help maintaining your website?
Is your website secure from hacks?

Website maintenance is about keeping your website working right. Installing the latest security patches to keep your data safe and secure from hacks. Regularly checking for errors and mistakes on your site. So your website stays online and can be more easily indexed by search engines.

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Drastically decrease the chances of your website being hacked. Keep your website up to date with security updates to WordPress and plugins.

Why you need website maintenance?

SECURITY UPDATES – For websites built on a platform like WordPress or Wix, there will be regular software updates to install and security patches. Running out of date software attracts hackers.

BACKUPS – Regular back ups of your website so that you can have peace of mind that your website data or content won’t be lost.

SEO – A website that is error free and regularly updated with new content, news and keywords will rank better in search results.

PEACE OF MIND – Your website is an important part of your business. If it is up-to-date and running smoothly, it can be a valuable asset. If it is not kept in a good state, it can cost you dearly.

MAINTAIN A FRESH IMAGE – A polished and modern website has much greater appeal to potential customers than one that looks like it’s 5 years old.   

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What is Checked with Website Maintenance?

Weekly Checks

  1. Backup website
  2. Update website software and plugins
  3. Remove spam comments
  4. Check & fix broken links and 404 page errors

Monthly Checks

  1. Check the website load speed
  2. Check site security scans

Yearly Checks

  1. Review website design and structure
  2. Check graphics and images
  3. Review SEO and the meta titles and descriptions
  4. Check website on all devices, does it display correctly
  5. Update any references to the current year
  6. Review each page for changes required
Afford Web Design for web maintenance

We know it takes time to keep your website updated and to publish fresh content. We can help you.

Send us your update, and we’ll do it for you!

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The rates for all my services are kept simple based on an hourly rate of £35. Web maintenance can often be done in a few hours per month to maintain a healthy site.

If you are new to website services and you’re not sure what type of service you need to best benefit your business and website, that’s not a problem and not unusual! Just ask, fill in the Contact Form or pick up the phone 01449 736602.

£70 per month
2 hours work per month
£140 per month
4 hours work per month


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