Do you need Website Maintenance?

Well… how important is your Website to your Business?

So you’ve got a website and it looks just how you envisaged, it loads fast and showcases your business products and services to your existing and potential customers. Well done.

BUT ….. just having a website is not enough in today’s digital world. You have to keep your website secure from hackers, optimized and updated on a regular basis.

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Are you keeping your website up to date?

Keep your website up-to date and secure from hacks

With our web maintenance service, we look after your website for you. We protect, optimise and update your website. To keep your website online, working right and more easily indexed by the search engines. This includes:

INSTALL THE LATEST UPDATES & SECURITY PATCHES to WordPress and all the plugins used on your website.

WEEKLY BACKUPS to prevent loss of website.

ONGOING UPDATES TO WEBSITE CONTENT as requested, for example changes to text, images, add a new page or new feature.

30-DAY ROLLING CONTRACT – there’s no long tie in, you can cancel anytime with just 30 days notice. A monthly service is much more cost-effective per hour than ad hoc requests for work. And any unused hours can be rolled over to the following month.

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Why do you need website maintenance?

We know it takes time to update your website when you’re busy working. You may only check your website when you need changes a few times a year, and then you have to track down the username and password for the site that your developer emailed you. That’s where we can help. Just send us your update, and we’ll do it for you as well as keeping it up-to date all year around!

SECURITY – All websites built on a platform such as WordPress or Wix will have regular software updates and security patches to be installed. In the last 6 months there have been 9 updates for WordPress. Running a website on out of date software attracts hackers.

BACKUPS – It’s good management to regularly back up your website, so that you have a copy of your website content. If something went wrong and you had no copy, you’d have start again from scratch.

SEO – Everyone wants their website to rank highly in search results. And keeping your website error free and regularly updated helps improve your sites ranking in the search results.

PEACE OF MIND – Your website is an important part of your business. So look after this valuable asset by keeping it up-to-date and running smoothly. If you don’t, it can cost you dearly.

MAINTAIN A FRESH IMAGE – You want to give your potential customers the best impression of your business. A polished and modern website has much greater appeal than one that looks and reads like it’s 5 years old. 

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BUT WAIT THAT’S NOT ALL! You can include other web design services in your monthly service, such as work on SEO or Local search or Social Media done for you. All services working together to get your website above your competitors and keep it there.

Are you keeping your website up to date?

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    We’re rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews

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