Why do we use WordPress in our Web Design?

Because WordPress is the most versatile and best supported open-source CMS platform available for website design.

Why would we ask our clients to pay for hours of coding, if we can customise WordPress for a fraction of the time with the same or better results?

At Afford Web Design, we make WordPress Web Designs Suffolk that work hard for business in Bury St Edmunds and further afield.

WordPress is a brilliant platform for almost any Website Design.

The WordPress platform works for just about any type of website, from a simple 3 page brochure site to a huge online store with 1000’s of products. It’s also 95% SEO friendly and supports multi media. And it’s secure enough for most applications. Plus there are a large selection of plugins that enable a huge range of functionality that allow you to adapt your website to meet the needs of your visitors now or in the future. Such as mobile friendly websites, responsive web sites, portfolios, photography, online bookings, hotel sites and events registration.

WordPress is reliable, versatile and continually being updated with plugins for the latest features. It is used by millions of sites for businesses of all sizes and sectors, and seen by millions of people. Some of well-known sites that are powered by WordPress: Wall Street Journal, IBM, LinkedIn, Reuters, eBay, Observer, Vogue, NASA, BBC, Yahoo, The New York Times, Sony, Top Gear, The Rolling Stones, CNN, Samsung, Nokia ….. and many more.