Social media done for you is here to help! I know it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends and changes in the industry, so let me take care of everything for you. From crafting unique images that reflect your unique brand, to scheduling regular posts – I’ve got you covered.


Unsure how to get started on social media?

Social media done for you is here to help. I can craft bespoke social media images to get your business noticed. I’ll listen and acts on your needs, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Outsourcing social media services can free up a lot of your time and costs a fraction of the cost of an employee. I can help with selecting the best channels for your type of business whether Facebook, Instagram,  LinkedIn, Google My Business through this service of social media done for you Bury St Edmunds.

You’ll see a difference in your online presence with my help. From increasing brand awareness to driving traffic to your website and improved seo. Ready to see the results for yourself?

Social media done for you Bury St Edmunds
Social media done for you Bury St Edmunds

Social media to build your brand awareness

The important thing is to use social media to your advantage and show the world that you are an active user.

Social media done for you takes all the stress out of posting by creating engaging, on-brand content for your business. You can post whenever you want or leave it totally to me – I’ll take care of everything.

With my help, you’ll be able to reach more customers and grow your business with ease. So why wait? Sign up today and let me take care of everything for you.

The Service

Set up or optimise up to 2 social channels
Manage these 2 social accounts
Create unique engaging images to post
Write and schedule 2+ posts per week
Monitor accounts and add simple engagement
Use relevant hashtags # on posts 
Add relevant links to website

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Social media service Bury St Edmunds Suffolk


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on Social Media Done For You.

What social channels do you work with?

All the leading channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Can you set up my social media accounts?

I can brand your social media accounts to your business, including header image and profile image. If you don’t have any existing business branding, I can help create a social branding for you. 

I can help you set up your own social accounts, because these should be in your own name. 

How much does the social media done for you service cost?

I can brand a social media account and then schedule regular posts on your page, please see here for pricing of this service.

What do you need to provide to get started?

Your logo or a head & shoulders photo of yourself plus a photo or image that relates to your business for all social channels. These are needed to ‘brand’ your social channels before any postings are made.

Then I would need details of your website plus copies of any brochures or adverts that you use, all of these will help me understand your business and these can be used in social postings. If you don’t have many images I can source relevant imagery online.

As well as images, posts need written content, you can provide this or I can add suitable words fro your website etc. to describe the service or product in the post. And include hashtags suitable to your business and each post, these hashtags help posts reach a wider audience. 

Who will answer any questions or comments on my social channels?

You are the best person to deal with any comments or questions, because only you know all the answers. So I find that it works best if I create and post the images and info and you check your pages say daily to respond to any queries. This helps to keep your costs down.

I  will of course reply to, or like, any positive comments made on any posts by myself. This dual approach to your channels works very well for many businesses.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are words or phrases that are added to a social posting to indicate what the post is about such the location, service, product, business or mood. Hashtags are prefaced with the symbol #, like #AffordWebDesign. People on a social channel can search for and nominate to follow specific hashtags. 


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