Time for a Website Redesign?

Is your website looking a bit tired? Not showing your business in the best light?

You may need a  complete website redesign or just some changes to the existing site to make it look and work better.

Your finished website would then be more visually appealing, a responsive website  to fit any screen sizes, mobile-friendly and easier to use. This means you’ll get the most out of your website and be able to achieve all of your online marketing objectives.

I specialise in web design, web development and other website design services Bury St Edmunds, and I can tailor your redesign to focus on your specific needs.

READY TO WORK ON your website

Does your website need a redesign?

1. Does the design look outdated?
2. Are the number of enquiries or sales decreasing?
3. Have you had negative feedback about the design?

If you answer yes to any of these questions you probably need a website redesign.

Website Redesign Before & Afters

building contractor website in Suffolk
flooring contractor website in Suffolk
READY TO REWORK your website

How will you know when it’s time to redesign your website?

With a website redesign it is initially a matter of determining how much work needs to be done to get the results that you are wanting. Whether you need a website revamp to freshen everything up or if the changes on the website are extensive, it is often a better and more cost effective option to start afresh with a new website design.

website functionality problems


Functionality is an essential part of any website business. Do you need new features, or are the current ones no longer functioning as they should?

outdated website design


If your website has been around for some time, it might be giving off an outdated impression. It may seem like your business isn’t very active!

website navigation improvements


Your website’s navigation and structure may be hindering your visitors from accessing information or performing tasks that lead to sales.

website content outdated


The information on your website is out-of date. This could deter potential customers from contacting you for more about what it is that you offer!

rebranding on website


Your business needs a website that reflects the changes made in other parts of your business brand’s identity or image.

READY TO WORK ON your website?

You need a website redesign? Look no further!

Your website is not working the way you’d like. I can work with businesses to build sites that are:

  • Unique website to attract potential clients
  • Easy for users to navigate and use
  • Responsive, future proofed website design
  • Search engine optimized website to get found 
  • Modern & fast loading website

Frequently Asked Questions on Website Redesign

Here are some of the questions you might have about website redesign

Why does my website need a redesign?

Website redesign is a process of website development and improvement where the existing website is revamped to match the changing technology, business requirements, and trends. The process might also include updates to website content, structure, design, functionality, and performance.

A website redesign can help businesses to keep up with the latest trends in website design and technology, improve website performance, attract new customers, and boost sales and revenue.

Many website owners think that a website redesign is a costly and time-consuming process. However, if done correctly, a website redesign can be a very beneficial investment for your business. Here are some of the most important benefits of website redesign:

1. Improving Website Performance: With the help of latest technologies and tools, you can make your website faster, more responsive, and easier to use. This can lead to improved user experience and higher conversion rates.
2. Introducing New Features and Functionalities: With the help of latest technologies, you can add new features such as social media integration, video content, etc. that can make your website more engaging and user-friendly.
3. Improving Search Engine Rankings: If your website is not optimised for search engines, then chances are that it’s not getting enough traffic from organic searches. A website redesign can help you to improve your website’s search engine optimisation and get higher rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This will result in more traffic and leads for your business.
4. Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website: If your website is not optimised for mobile devices, then you are missing out on a large number of potential customers. A website redesign can help you to create a mobile-friendly website that will provide an excellent user experience to visitors accessing your site on their smartphones or other mobile devices.
5. Attracting New Customers: A well-designed redesigned website can help you to attract new customers from different channels such as organic search results, social media platforms, referral traffic from other websites, etc. A good web design can make your website more visible and accessible which will result in more traffic and potential customers for your business.

How do I redesign an existing website?

Make the most of your website redesign so that your get a stylish and functional result. Follow these steps:
1. Identify exactly what you want your new website to achieve, the goals
2. Build a sitemap to organise your content. What categories will be in the navigation? Will you have a dropdown menu etc..
3. Wireframe a new design for your site. Where different elements will appear on the page.

4. Website Design. Design a mockup of the website. The colours, fonts, images and photos to use.
5. Website Development. Develop the website create the website and customise in the features and functionality that you require.
6. Check and recheck to make sure that everything looks and reads correctly.
7. Go live.

When do I need a website redesign?

There are many reasons why you may need a website redesign.

For example:

  1. If there is an organizational re-structure, you will need to update your website to reflect the new structure.
  2. If you have a change in your service and product, you will need to update your website to show the new offering.
  3. If you have a rejuvenated brand strategy, you will need to update your website to reflect the new branding.
  4. If you have a poor website conversion rate, you may need to redesign your website to improve conversions.
  5. If your web pages are hard to be indexed by search engines, you will need to improve your website’s SEO.
  6. If you are developing an eCommerce website, you will need to design a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  7. Lastly, if you are upgrading your web technology to meet the mobile trend, you will need to create a responsive website design that looks great on all devices.
Will a website redesign effect SEO?

Website redesign can be a great way to improve your website and give it a fresh look. But be aware that website redesigns can go either way in terms of website seo.

If you successfully redesign your website and it improves the user experience, then you’ll see an increase in traffic and engagement and conversions, which will give your website a boost in search.

But if you make mistakes during the redesign, the website’s ranking could drop as a result and put you in a worse position than before.

In either case, it’s important to be aware of how website redesign can affect website seo. But with a little care you can ensure that your website redesign is a success and avoid any negative impacts on your website’s ranking.

However, it’s important to be aware of the potential impact that website redesign can have on your ranking in search engines.

If you’re targeting pages with better keywords, it will take time to grow in search.

And if you make big changes like changing the URL of a page, you have to make sure you don’t loose visitors to 404 errors. To avoid these problems, use 301 redirects to keep visitors on live pages and preserve the page’s link juice in search engines.

By following these simple tips, you can minimize the negative impact of website redesign on your search engine ranking.

How much does a redesign cost?

There’s no one size fits all answer when it comes to website redesign pricing. It can be cheaper than a new website but in more complex sites it can end up more costly than a new site.

It all depends on the scope of the work that needs to be done.

If it’s just a simple branding refresh, then the cost will be lower than if you’re doing a complete overhaul of the website.

The same is true if you’re only making minor changes as opposed to more complex ones.

Another factor to consider is how much time you’ll need to spend switching any of the website’s technologies. If you can do it quickly, then the cost will be lower.

All of these factors will affect website redesign pricing.

To give you a price for your website redesign, I would first need to audit your website, and review it visually as well as talk to you about your business and what you want to achieve with your site, then I will send you a quote.

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