“I wanted to provide more honest website services. To ‘go the extra mile’ to deliver what the customer wants.


Anne Lane- About Afford Website DesignBack in the 90’s I was a user of website design services and more often than not, I was left frustrated by the ‘know all’ approach of the providers about the needs of my business! Together with the difficulty of contact, despite assurances of a dedicated person!

There was a ‘veil of mystery’ over all services to do with website design, increased by ‘techy talk’. I felt that suppliers just didn’t listen carefully to the client, bullishly assuming they knew best.

There was a gap in the market for a ‘better’ approach focused on what the customer needed.

In 2010 I started designing websites for small business and sole traders, and later site maintenance, search engine optimisation and social media management service. I offer a more transparent website design service working from a studio in rural Suffolk. My services are now used by many local businesses in and around Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Needham Market area as well as UK wide.

I offer an honest, reliable, professional service at an affordable price within the budget and time frame needed. You will deal with me directly, not some anonymous persons.

Working from a focused studio in mid Suffolk and liasing with clients however they prefer, face-to-face, by email and phone.

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Anne Lane

ps I like solving puzzles, making things work, a cup of tea and the odd biscuit! smiley face

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