“I go the extra mile to make things happen, and to deliver what you my client is wanting to achieve from their website and online presence.”

Hi, I’m Anne

I know what it’s like to be a business looking for website services! Back in the 90’s I used various service providers to design and promote my website. And all too often I was left frustrated that they didn’t deliver on their promises and really didn’t care. 

It was this lack of care that triggered the start of my journey into learning about ‘all things website’ starting with coding. Which then lead to freelance web design work and Afford Web Design.

Over the years I have worked with businesses of various sizes across many sectors: Agriculture, Building Companies, Communities, Construction, Consultants, Counselors, Fitness, Garden Businesses, Health Businesses, Holiday Rentals, Local Businesses, Pubs, Restaurants …

I am highly motivated in all my work striving to deliver the best I possibly can for clients like you, whether it’s a new website design, developing an existing website with new features or keeping everything ‘up-to-date and working right’ by maintaining websites.

My goal is always to deliver a website that looks great, is ahead of your competitors and focused on your goals.

I’ll work with you to build an online presence for your business that you can be proud of, focused on your goals and, most importantly, that GROWS YOUR BUSINESS!

Let’s work together to get your website really performing!

Why choose me to work on your website?

Design & coding

I design and develop custom websites that focus on the needs of your business. I’m happy to take on a project alone or as part of a team.

Responsive website design

I create responsive websites that work across most devices, from desktop to smartphones. It’s important. Google now indexes the mobile version of content first.

Customer service

I provide a full service that you’d expect to find at an agency… but I’m more cost effective. If you’ve got a problem with your website, get in touch.


I’ve worked with some of my clients for over 10 years, which must say something about my services. Honest, hard-working and I deliver.

Who I work with

I mainly work with small to medium businesses in Suffolk and many near Bury St Edmunds. Local businesses, self-employed professional, start-up websites. I work closely with each client to achieve the best results.


My clients are important to me and I make as much time for them as possible. I am available to work on new projects, so feel free to drop me a line for an informal chat. You can email, telephone or the contact form.

When I’m not in the office

When I’m not busy in the office designing websites, I love the great outdoors, walking Freddy our springer spaniel across the beautiful countryside. Solving puzzles, travel and my zumba fixes.



If you would like my help with your project, please contact me today so we can arrange an appointment.