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Transforming Azzotech Ltd’s Online Presence: Showcasing Expert Epoxy Resin Flooring Solutions



Azzotech Ltd is a specialist epoxy resin flooring contractor, known for their expertise in installing seamless flooring to various industries, commercial properties, and even residential properties. Despite their brilliant work and their ability to renew and renovate floors, their website did not accurately reflect their capabilities.

To highlight Azzotech’s expertise and quality service, I used their recently completed projects to showcase the types of floorings, finishes, and locations where they have worked. By doing so, I was able to demonstrate the impact their floors could have on businesses, showcasing their ability to create durable, attractive, and easy-to-maintain flooring solutions.

With a renewed focus on highlighting their expertise in preparing and installing flooring, as well as their commitment to providing high-quality service, the new website accurately represents Azzotech Ltd. The updated website provides potential customers with a clear understanding of the benefits of epoxy resin flooring and showcases the various industries that can benefit from Azzotech’s flooring solutions.

Overall, the web design services for small business by Afford Web Design have helped Azzotech present a clear and accurate representation of their capabilities and expertise. The website effectively showcases their completed projects and emphasizes their dedication to delivering high-quality service. As a result, it demonstrates Azzotech’s ability to offer top-tier epoxy resin flooring solutions to different industries and properties.

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