Covid-19 Response

Covid 19 response



It’s a difficult time for many businesses. As a website designer working from my own studio, I am able to continue to work safely. Instead of face-to-face meetings with clients, we discuss their work by phone, email or a zoom meetup.

I’ve already helped a local plant nursery business to venture into selling their huge stock list online for the first time. Within a week they were up and running with a system that brought in over 500 orders in the first 7 days.

Use now-time to be ready for when you can start work again, make sure your online presence tells potential customers exactly what you do, your services, your products and has a clear call to action to generate enquiries and more business.

Get in contact with me to talk through any ideas you may have or to discuss your options. Call 01449 736602 or 07825 322693 or email.

Stay Safe, Work Safe & Be Ready for when your business can restart.