Website Design in Bury St Edmunds

Looking for a new website design in Bury St Edmunds?

A new website can be a pretty daunting task for any business. All the ‘techy speak’ around websites and all things websites can leave many people bemused, CSS, HTML, coding, hosting, responsive, SEO and so it goes on. Why businesses needs new website design in Bury St Edmunds.

Why every business needs an up to date website to stay ahead of the competition

Many business in any town whether Bury St Edmunds or elsewhere, are surrounded by competitors and it is a case of ‘staying ahead’ of your competition to be ‘seen’ by more potential customers. Of course there are many ways to stay ahead with various ways of marketing, but there are strong arguments for every business needing a good, up to date website in 2017:

  • to add credibility to your business, small or large
  • a website is a very cost effective advert for your business compared to paper adverts
  • an easy way to keep your customers informed
  • open for customers to view 24/7
  • your target market place will be larger
  • it provides a way to showcase examples of your work
  • customers viewing your website saves you time, it’s easier than dealing with customer enquiries by phone, face to face, in a brochure
  • good customer service by adding an FAQ page to help customers

I design websites in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk for local business and further afield.

Important questions when choosing a Website Designer in Bury St Edmunds or anywhere

When you start looking as with any service, how can you decide who will ‘do a good job’ and ‘who will charge a fair price’. You need to be clear about what you want from a website designer, and have some questions to hand. Such as the following:

  • Who will be working on my website design?
    Will I have a dedicated person that I can call and speak to along the process? ?
  • Will my website be responsive and mobile friendly?
    Is this standard in the designers work, or is it an extra?
  • Can you advise on the photos and images needed for my website?
    Do I need a professional photographer to take high quality photographs?
  • Do you give a fixed quote, so the price you give is the price I pay?
    Can you tell me the full cost of getting a website designed and online?
  • Is search engine optimisation included as part of the quote?
    Or is SEO an extra cost? Will I need SEO once my website is finished?
  • Will social media be integrated?
    What social media channels should I use?
  • What about a blog?
    I may need a blog, but I’m not sure.
  • Can the website grow as my business grows?
    Can I add new pages?
  • Will it have great design?
    Will it have the style of design that fits my business?
  • Can you advise on hosting?
    What is hosting and where to I buy it?
  • Will the website include CMS, so I can edit it myself?
    I may want to edit my website myself, will this be possible?

Why choose us?

I am committed to delivering a website that works for your business. At Afford Web Design I work with our clients, asking for their comments at stages of a website design, so I get the appearance and flavour that is your business. I am good at creating beautiful website designs that are optimised and at affordable prices. Oh….and our websites don’t just look good they also work hard for business!

For more about website design in Bury St Edmunds, contact Afford Web Design by email, or phone 01449 736602 / 07825 322693 if you prefer a chat. Initial discussions are free.