Are all Websites Designs Equal?

Are all Websites Designs Equal?

When you flick through different websites online, what are the differences that you notice?

Most people would notice the visual differences between sites, the images used and the layout of the page. And possibly the speed with which the site is presented. But what people don’t notice is the differences in the scripting and code ‘behind’ the website. And it is the scripting is just as important as the visual appearance.

For the scripting behind web sites to be optimised, it should be compliant, error free and search engine optimised. All these factors are necessary for search engine robots to be able to fully understand what a website is about. So if a website looks fantastic but has little ‘backend’ optimisation, the search robots will not be able to fully understand what the website is about!

Choose a website design company carefully, because websites designs are not equal. You want good looks and optimised scripting. 

There’s an air of ‘mystery’ around web design that has lead to common misunderstandings.

A few questions about Website Design to clear up these misunderstandings.

Is the main difference between websites how they look? NO

Better looking websites always rank higher on searches? NO

New web sites are always designed to optimise for search engines and seo? NO

New websites are always responsive, mobile friendly? NO

Web designers always help select the best keywords? NO

Website designers are all good at optimising websites for the search engines and seo? NO

With website design, as with anything, you get what you pay for. The cheapest design may save you a lot of money, but it may not perform as well for your business.

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