What colours are your business?

What colours are your business

What colours are your business?

How important are the colours used the represent your business and brands? It useful to think about what colours mean and the psychology behind the main colours.

What different colours mean

RED – Excitement. Passion. Anger. Loud. Playful. Modern.
ORANGE – Invigorating. Energetic. Playful. Stand out from the crowd.
YELLOW – Accessible. Sunshiney. Friendliness. Cheerful. Youthful Energy.
GREEN – Versatility. Health. Wellness. Cultural. Environmental. Financial.
BLUE – Used in over 50% of logos. Trustworthy. Maturity. Serious.
PURPLE – Luxury. Cutting edge. Wise. A hint of Femininity.
PINK – Girly. Modern. Youthful. Luxurious.
BROWN – Rugged. Masculine. Serious. Few logos use brown, so you will Stand Out.
BLACK – Slick. Modern.Luxurious.
WHITE – Youthful, economical. A good secondary colour.
GREY – Middle Ground between Mature. Classical. Serious. Mystery. Accessible.

Next time you are looking to create a logo or brand, have a read through this article, and look around at others in your competitive market for inspiration. The right colour can make all the difference in attracting the right consumers toward your brand.

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