What colours are your business?

what colours are your business

What Colours Are Your Business?

How different colours can affect the way customers perceive your business

Are you a small business owner looking to give your business the best chance at success? If so, it’s important to understand how the psychology of colours in business can affect the way your business is perceived.

Different colours evoke different emotions and perceptions in people, giving different meaning of colours in business. So choosing the right business colour palette can make a big difference. Keep reading to learn more about how colour psychology can help your business! And how to choose band colours.

What different colours mean

RED – Excitement. Passion. Anger. Loud. Playful. Modern.
ORANGE – Invigorating. Energetic. Playful. Stand out from the crowd.
YELLOW – Accessible. Sunshiney. Friendliness. Cheerful. Youthful Energy.
GREEN – Versatility. Health. Wellness. Cultural. Environmental. Financial.
BLUE – Used in over 50% of logos. Trustworthy. Maturity. Serious.
PURPLE – Luxury. Cutting edge. Wise. A hint of Femininity.
PINK – Girly. Modern. Youthful. Luxurious.
BROWN – Rugged. Masculine. Serious. Few logos use brown, so you will Stand Out.
BLACK – Slick. Modern.Luxurious.
WHITE – Youthful, economical. A good secondary colour.
GREY – Middle Ground between Mature. Classical. Serious. Mystery. Accessible.

How to choose brand colours and website design colours

The choice of website design colours can have a big impact on how visitors perceive your business. Common themes across different business types often emerge, with certain colours being used to convey specific messages.

Blue is website design

The colour blue is commonly associated with trust and technology. Companies like Dropbox, Twitter and Microsoft often use blue in their logo design and website design to create a feeling of reliability and approachability. In some cases, blue can also have a calming effect, making it ideal for businesses that want to encourage a sense of peace and serenity.

Purple & Red in website design

Purple suggests royalty and pageantry, while red suggests energy. But there are colour combinations to avoid – black and yellow is a warning from nature while black and red looks threatening…and is difficult to read.

Worse is the combination of red and blue – when they are close together it makes it difficult for eyes to focus on and text is difficult to read. As background for white text it works, but as the main website colour it should be used sparingly. website designers need to consider not just the look of the website, but also the message that website colours convey.

The wrong website colours can send the wrong message, so it is important to choose website colours carefully.

Green, Yellow & Orange for web design

There is a current trend of using green, orange, and yellow as website design colours. Green suggests a connection to the natural world, which is something that many website users are looking for. Orange is vibrant and suggests as much energy as red, but possibly in a more friendly and optimistic way. Yellow is a feel-good colour that promotes happiness and creativity. All of these colours are positive and can help website users feel good about using the website. This is an important trend to keep an eye on in the website design industry.

Ultimately, the right website design colours can play a vital role in conveying the desired message about your business. So if you’re looking to create a specific impression, be sure to choose your colours carefully.

Best Website Design Colour Choices

The best website designs work well in both their original colours and in monochrome. This is because they use colours that are easy to read, with fonts that are the right size. 

The best website designs make it easy for people to read their content. They use sensible colour choices and fonts that are the right size. They also avoid gimmicks of any kind. All of these things help website visitors understand what the website is about and what they can do on the website. As a result, the best website designs are effective in communicating their message to their audience.

Colours for your Business Brand

Web design colours are an important part of your brand. If people see a consistent colour scheme across all your marketing materials, they will remember your brand more easily. This also makes it easier for people to recognise your brand when they see it again.

For example, if someone sees your business card and then later sees your website, they will instantly recognise your brand and what you offer. Therefore, it is important to choose web design colours that reflect your brand identity and make you unforgettable!

What colour is good for your business

So, what colour is your business? Are you blue and reliable? Or red/orange and energetic? Or green and natural? The answer to this question doesn’t define your business, but your business should define the colour. When it comes to marketing, using the right colours can have a big impact on how people perceive your brand.

If you want help determining which colours are best for your business, I can  help. Contact me today to book a consultation and learn more about how to use colour in your business!

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