7 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Small Business Website

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7 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Small Business Website

What makes a website attractive to visitors?

So you’ve got a website but you are struggling to get visitors? There are many ways to get your website noticed so that you get more traffic to your small business website. With the help of an experienced digital marketing specialist, you will be able increase website traffic free, for more visitors and sales without breaking a sweat!

Unfortunately, a website that looks fabulous doesn’t necessarily get you more visitors or leads or sales. Not all websites are built with all the necessary features to generate traffic.

You can turn this around if you can commit to some simple tasks every month. Here are my 7 ways to get more traffic to your small business website, the cheapest way to drive traffic to your website.

use social media to get more traffic to your small business website

1. Use Social Media

Social media is an easy way to promote your website. Just find what platforms best suit your business and target audience and start posting.

Use your posts to direct people to your website, for example:

  • promoting your products or services
  • showing your recent work
  • a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes in your business
  • share links to your blog articles
  • show off your portfolio with a link
  • post reviews from customers with a link to your web page or to Google reviews
  • tell people how to get a quote or buy your product or get started with a service
more content to get more traffic to your small business website

2. Create New Content

A great way to increase visibility online is by producing quality written material which shows your expertise. Add this content to your website as a blog. Make your content interesting and informative so people are encouraged to share it. You can then share parts of this content on your social with a link to the full article.

What to write about in your blog:

  • New products or services
  • Tips related to your business
  • How to use your products/ Benefits of using your services
SEO to get more traffic to your small business website

3. Improve Website SEO

A website built without any SEO is not going to get found by Google. There are many easy things a website owner can do for their own site’s visibility in search engine rankings.

Easy ways to optimise your website:

  • Write in the same way that you would talk to someone
  • Add meta titles and descriptions that uniquely describe each page and post. These are the words that are displayed in the search results, so be informative and inviting to get potential customers to click on your website. The more clicks the more highly Google will regard your website.
  • Add new relevant content regularly.
  • Add internal links between your pages and posts. These help Google find it’s way around your website and helps ranking.
PROMOTE to get more traffic to your small business website

4. Promote your website offline and online

Add your website at the bottom of your emails, on business cards, flyers, adverts. For your email signature create an automatic signature using a email signature generator such as Mail Signatures or Hubspot.

online directories to get more traffic to your small business website

5. Submit to online Directories

Add your business to online directories, it is usually free to add basic information such as name, address, phone number, website. Look for local directories in your area as well as directories for your type of business.

6. Set up Google Business Profile

All small businesses should set up a Google Business Profile. It’s free, it’s Google and you can add all your business details, location, photos, links and add posts similar to social media.

Google analytics to get more traffic to your small business website

7. Track, track, track

Use Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor your website traffic and to get a clear idea of which pages get the most visitors. Both Google Analytics and Search Console are available for free to anyone with a Google account. Google Analytics helps you the owner of a website to learn about the people who view your site, who they are, how they found you and how they interact with your site. Whereas Search Console helps you monitor the performance of your website in general and in the search engines.

Investing in a quality website is one of the best ways to ensure you’re driving traffic to your small business. By ensuring your site is well-designed, engaging, and informative, you can encourage more traffic to your small business website to get more visitors to keep coming back. And with these seven tips, you can take your website traffic to the next level.

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