Why you still need a website in 2023 

why you still need a website in 2023 Afford Web Design

Why you still need a website in 2023

Social media has opened an incredible opportunity for businesses to shine without having a website. With just one simple post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn you can connect with so many potential customers without the need of your own website! But why stop there?

Having both socials AND a tailored business website could really take your business up another level; explore this dual-pronged approach today!

Five reasons why your business still needs a website in 2023

Having your own website is always a smart move – even if you’re active at promoting your business elsewhere! Here are some great reasons why: it’s a great way to boost your visibility and reach new customers. You can customize the design, get more space for info, make it easier for people to find out about you – plus it can be stress-free and easy! So take advantage of having an awesome online presence today.

  1. Get a custom design for your business

    With custom web designs you have the chance to tailor your website exactly how you’ve been envisioning it. Now’s the time to get your website sorted and looking great. Let creativity take over as you design something that really stands out from others; with an array of options at hand, make sure it reflects your business’ brand in a way which will ensure its recognition online.

    Get started now on giving yourself (and potential customers!) a delightful insight into your business through your website – don’t miss out on this marketing opportunity!

  2. Get more space for your website

    With your own website, you have the freedom and space to create and share content however you want. Say goodbye to the limitations of social channels such as Twitter’s 140-character limit and Instagram’s 5 second videos.

    With a website you have endless possibilities to show off what makes your business unique with a unique design,  blog posts with photos that pop, detailed product information that truly wows readers, or an eye-catching video clip introducing your business to visitors who come across it. The possibilities are limitless – make sure yours stands out from the rest today!

  3. Get found by customers searching for your products or services online

    With so many platforms providing different pieces of information about your business, it can be tough for customers to keep up! Don’t let important info get lost in the shuffle – having a website lets you bring all that useful content together. Plus, people will always have easy access to contact details and other helpful resources without needing an endless scroll through social media channels.

  4. Make your website your calling card

    If your customers can’t find you, how will they ever reach out? Having a website with well-prepared content and structure makes it easy for people to discover what you have to offer. And not just when searching directly for your brand – optimise that site so those looking from the outside in easily stumble upon exactly what they need!

  5. Websites without stress

    Get an awesome website with Afford Web Design’s no stress WordPress websites. With WordPress, I can craft a stunning site that looks. Even if it’s all new to you, I will walk you through the process and build a beautiful site that showcases your products or services and is easy to for your customers to find the information they need.

Professional website design for small businesses

It’s 2023, and having a website is still the best foundation for your online presence. But don’t forget about other channels; social media can be an invaluable part of success too! Make sure to use them both together strategically: when you post something new on your website or blog, share that content across different platforms with a posts to inform people, that way you get more eyes than ever before! With this tactic in mind, consider using your site as the base and amplify it everywhere else. You’ll see amazing results if done right 😊

Get an ECommerce website and sell online

With the rise of eCommerce, there are more options than ever before for selling your products. Platforms like Amazon and Etsy give you access to a huge potential customer base – plus they make trading super easy thanks to their logistics services! But even if you decide to stick with those platforms, it’s still worth launching your own website too – this will help foster trust in customers who would prefer buying directly from one place. And when using your own online ecommerce store it belongs purely to you, and no commission charges mean bigger profits!

Get ready to take your shop online! With Afford Web Design‘s help, you can set up a sleek and professional-looking digital storefront powered by the popular WordPress platform. WooCommerce makes it easy for anyone – from entrepreneurs with one product to established companies selling multiple lines of items – unlock new avenues for sales growth through their own website store!


There you have it, my top 5 reasons why you still need a website in 2023.  Have you got a website? Is it performing well for your business? Or is it time to make improvements or redesign your website to turn it into a productive marketing tool in 2023. Check out my websites for small business services and get in touch if you want to talk about the best option for you.

If you’re thinking, I’m looking for a web designer near me, why not get in touch!